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Hosted Desktop Services to benefit your business

Using cloud-based IT solutions to keep your business secure and running smoothly, letting you focus on what you do best.

Your workstation, anywhere. 
Our enterprise grade, high performance servers ensure a seamless experience from any device.
Your very own digital vault.
Our secure, GDPR compliant servers allow your team to confidently store data that clients can access securely.
Smooth collaboration.
Outsource your IT processing power and enjoy instant file sharing between project members.
Uninterrupted output.
Even when the lights go out, you can keep your vital IT technology running and your resources backed up.

straightforward solutions for any organisation

Modernisation doesn’t need to be complicated.

Our friendly team of IT experts are dedicated to helping businesses grow. Digitally transform your business today with unrivalled support from Atlas Cloud.

Why Atlas Cloud?


Access your software from any device 24/7.


Add more software and users as you grow.



Dedicated support for uninterrupted performance.


Keep your data private, and ensure GDPR compliance.


Have it your way with a bespoke dashboard and suite of tools.


Reduce the amount you spend on replacing hardware.

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