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Using cloud-based IT solutions to keep your business secure and running smoothly, letting you focus on what you do best.

What we do

Atlas Cloud provides a range of Hosted Desktop services and cloud-hosted technologies, helping you to work remotely, store all of your company data online and operate effectively and securely. All our services are scalable in order to grow your business and enhance your business performance and come with the highest-quality support available.

Whether working on-site or remotely, choose Hosted Desktop services and have everything you need all in one place. Access files and applications online, and standardise the way your people work across your business.

We provide installation of 365 for business, which helps you to gain access to Office tools and applications on the go, collaborate with colleagues, and keep all files and documents secure.

If your business needs the option to share files between team members, both on-site and when working remotely, Atlas Cloud can provide you with Citrix ShareFile. This secure, cloud-based system allows you to share and collaborate on large files while keeping your data protected.

With so much of your business operating online, we also provide Disaster Recovery through DRaaS, which prevents the loss of your data and ensures you always have access to crucial applications, to give you added peace of mind.

All of our services are provided with ongoing support and guidance from our friendly team, experts in helping utilise cloud solutions to enhance and grow your business. Contact them for more information today.

Why Atlas Cloud?


Team members can access all of their files and applications from anywhere, offering flexibility when working remotely.


Cloud solutions that grow with your business, so you will always have the best option for you.


Our award-winning technical support team are here to ensure you get the best service possible.


Choose the solution that's best for you, from fully hosted desktops, to standalone applications, and everything in between.


Atlas Cloud offers unparalleled security with our services, including being the first UK managed service provider to be ISO 27001 accredited, and being a member of the CIF.


Our cloud computing services and applications are fully flexible to suit the demands of any organisation.

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