Atlas Cloud is one of the UK’s fastest-growing Managed Service Providers.

We aim to help you reduce business risk and increase company agility by delivering effective, hosted IT solutions.


Atlas Cloud’s secure-by-design hosted solutions are often externally tested for weaknesses, helping to ensure customer data is always safe.

Our dedication to reducing cyber security threats makes us popular with highly-regulated industries and can help you better manage business risk.


Boasting a full array of security, compliance and quality management accreditations, our security-first philosophy often helps us sail through audits. We’d be happy to be audited by new customers, where necessary.

Our commitment to corporate governance with our IT solutions sees us host exclusively within the UK (unless otherwise requested), making it easier for you to get buy-in for your innovations.


Between our CTO and our team of solutions designers, there’s decades worth of experience at tailoring hosted IT solutions for a broad range of requirements. We love getting down to the real problems with customer whiteboard sessions, where necessary.

We haven’t yet found an application that we can’t host – including dated, on-premise applications developed in-house – meaning you can be confident you’ll get a risk-free solution that keeps your business running, no matter what.


Implementing new IT solutions can often be daunting. It doesn’t have to be; maybe it’s our solutions experience or just the fact that we know how to deliver – but can say in good conscience that we’ve never failed an implementation since we began in 2010.

Choose Atlas Cloud and you can be sure of a smooth transition that will keep your users working productively.


Whether you have a dedicated in-house IT team or no internal IT presence whatsoever, Atlas Cloud’s solutions are flexible enough to be self-managed internally or remotely by our award-winning engineers.

No matter what your requirements are, we can make sure you have the level of control you need.


Staffed by engineers, not call handlers, our Service Desk is designed for rapid resolutions. We’re so confident in our user feedback, we publish average scores externally.

Should you choose Atlas Cloud, you can have full confidence in our competitive SLAs – meaning your employees can be as productive as their work demands.


We specialise in hosted solutions and user subscription models, making any solution we propose highly scalable by nature. Scalable up or down, and suitable for organisations of any size, making Atlas Cloud’s solutions just as suited to seasonal or project-based requirements as they are to more traditional office requirements.

Our model also makes pricing clear, transparent and incredibly easy to forecast – meaning there’s no risk of unexpected or hidden costs later down the line.


Our business model has been built around the ability to quote secure, hosted IT solutions at a competitive price.

We can’t guarantee we’ll be the cheapest provider out there but, when combined with our security and user productivity benefits, you can be confident we’ll provide the best all-round value.


1. When looking for a jack-of-all-trades provider.

We're Masters

We specialise in adopting the latest in secure, hosted IT solutions to help companies of all sizes minimise risk and maximise agility.

2. When looking for a provider that only calls at renewal time.

We're Proactive

We proactively report on user interactions with our Service Desk to remove the cause of recurring problems. We value feedback from our customers and publish Service Desk ratings externally.
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3. When looking for a "yes-man" provider.

We Innovate

We’re focused on solving business problems. If you want something based on an assumption that's contrary to our experience, we won't just silently sell you what you think you need.
Atlas Cloud - IT for the Modern Workplace

With ever-increasing cyber and competitive threats, we help forward-thinking leaders minimise risk and increase productivity with the latest hosted technology.

Securely managed, whether by our engineers or yours.

Or call us on 0191 283 0191.


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