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  • January 10, 2018
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As businesses plan for growth, they need to reconsider their entire setup. Although daunting, it’s important that they consider how the process of start-up to scale-up can be achieved with as minimum disruption as possible.

By opting for an approach to IT that allows complete flexibility, like cloud computing, businesses are able to scale as and when they need to in order to reflect plans for development.

Cloud computing can provide a fully customisable platform to organisations. With this approach to IT, they have the ability to completely adjust their setup as and when they need to as their business develops.  The scalability of cloud-hosted technology is not the only potential advantage when it comes to accelerating business growth.

With cloud technology, you have the ability to work on files with other collaborators across the globe. Applications such as Citrix ShareFile can provide one unified platform to project workers which enables them to edit, send and share files from any location on any device. Teamwork is no longer limited to the four walls of the office and they can instead communicate and work just as effectively from home, the local café or on a train with one live version of the truth being available at any given time.

Globalise your business

As businesses bloom, the opportunity to collaborate with partners on a global scale becomes a regular occurrence. For smaller businesses, the funds for travelling to get a project started can seem a bit out of reach and could potentially prevent a business from working with other businesses. With cloud technology, collaboration has never been easier. Businesses can easily and effectively strengthen partnerships with organisations regardless of where they are located.

Recruit further with a competitive advantage

With everything you need stored within a secure cloud platform and not on a physical hard drive in the office, there’s no requirement to be present in the office anymore. In a report published by the Royal Society for Public Health in the UK, it found that 55% of people felt more stressed as a result of their commute. Snacking habits also increased and with less free time available, the report also found that workers were leading less active and healthy lifestyles. With telecommuting strategies, organisations are able to offer complete flexibility to candidates, something which is going to be a major decision maker in 2018 for recruitment.

These aspects can all contribute to an effective growth strategy. This is why it is important to consider cloud technology as a catalyst for business development in your organisation. For more information on how you can do this, do not hesitate to contact us.

Emily has been with Atlas Cloud for almost two years. After completing an apprenticeship in marketing, she was offered a permanent position as a Marketing Executive. She loves all things digital and has exclusive experience within the technology sector.

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