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Metnor Group came to Atlas Cloud on the lookout for a cloud-based solution that would enable remote access to graphically intense CAD and BIM apps on any device, while working on-site.

Founded in the 1960s, the Metnor Group has been operating for over 50 years and offers a wide range of services, specialising in construction, property and M&E. The business runs multiple offices across the UK and works on projects nationwide, with a diverse portfolio including hotels, care homes, student accommodation, pharmaceutical, data centres and sport stadiums.

Efficient multi-site working

“Atlas Cloud understand the built environment and our need to provide exceptional connectivity across multiple sites and disciplines. Their unique hosted desktop solution will add a tangible edge to the performance of the Metnor Group.”

Adam Langman
Financial Director, Metnor Group

The challenges

As a national business with various offices across the country and over 150 employees, one of the Metnor Group’s main challenges is the interaction between the offices. Communication, data access and file sharing take up a lot of time and effort; staff have to travel between offices to attend face-to-face meetings and exchange files via email or manually via USB sticks or external hard drives, which also poses a security risk. Employees located on-site have similar data access issues as the nature of the business’ IT set-up doesn’t provide the ability to quickly share files between offices and on-site staff, prohibiting flexibility and mobility.

In addition, Metnor’s aging servers are at the end of their lifespan and need to be replaced, which would result in a large capital expenditure. All these challenges resulted in the business reassessing its current IT infrastructure, and the nature of Atlas Cloud’s offering fit the bill.

“Atlas Cloud understand the built environment and our need to provide exceptional connectivity across multiple sites and disciplines.”

The Atlas Cloud solution

Adam Langman, Financial Director at Metnor, reflects on the decision making process. “We chose Atlas Cloud as our new IT supplier because their solution offered more than the competition’s and we felt understood what we needed from our IT set-up. At the same time, the look and feel of the desktops are very similar to our old solution, so employees can adapt quickly and feel comfortable using it.”

Whilst the changeover wasn’t entirely seamless, difficulties and problems were ironed out quickly and Adam was impressed with the dedication and hard work of the Atlas Cloud team. A major benefit of the solution is Atlas’ own in-house support team; employees can now directly contact the service desk with their queries which are being dealt with in a timely manner, saving the business time and resources.

The implementation of Microsoft Lync reduces the need for staff to travel back and forth between offices as team members can participate in video conferences, significantly cutting down on the number of face-to-face meetings needed. This also holds true for meetings with contractors, with Adam stressing that collaboration between all parties involved is becoming much easier.

Staff now all operate on the same application versions, which simplifies collaboration and file sharing. This is also a great improvement for on-site staff as they can quickly access files and react to changes. Due to the accessibility of data and applications from anywhere, collaboration and teamwork have improved as employees can also work on one file in real time rather than having to download, edit and return files via email. Not only does everyone have access to the latest version of a file but the amount of duplicates is reduced too, increasing work efficiency. Employees have already remarked on the improvements and enjoy the fact that they can now access their work files and applications from home, enabling a more flexible work-life balance. 

The recurring issue of having to renew old and outdated on-site hardware has also been removed, resulting in cost savings for the business. Furthermore, Metnor is now able to effectively plan and forecast their IT expenditure, allowing them to manage resources accordingly.

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