Atlas Cloud deliver and manage virtual IT solutions, connecting workers with any application from anywhere. We specialise in graphic-intense applications (i.e. Revit, Graphisoft, 3ds Max) delivery for construction clients such as HS2, MAG, Arcadis and Kier, so designers and engineers can work in real-time collaboratively in the cloud over low bandwidth. The technology comes with per-month, per-user pricing, with same day deployment of new users at any time during a project. 

As the first UK ISO 27001:2013 certified managed services company, security is implicit. This means that data isn’t only stored securely, it’s also handled and dealt with safely throughout the company. 

3D is our expertise; we specialise in providing industry-leading solutions that support 3D and graphically intense applications over low bandwidth on low spec end-user devices. Staff is not tied to their work desk anymore and can now edit and render 3D files away from the office on low spec end-user devices such as iPads or Google Chromebooks, securely delivering BYOD and IoT.


The Atlas Cloud team were early adopters of cloud technologies and have been providing hosted desktop solutions for 12 years, 7 of which at Atlas. They have gained expertise working with global, multi-national companies such as Acxiom, American Express, BT, Barclays, Cap Gemini, Siemens and Cisco where they had responsibilities for network security and cloud service executions across Europe and delivered scalable infrastructure in financial services and government sensitive data.