In the event of an outage, a backup will only restore your data back to the time you last ran a backup. Whereas Disaster Recovery is a solution which is constantly syncing your data with the cloud allowing you to recover faster (as quickly as 15 minutes in some instances) with no loss of data. Also, if you’re only backing up data locally on a tape your data can be put at risk from fire or flood. Having it stored offsite removes this risk.

No, our DRaaS solution is flexible and can grow with you to ensure all your data is backed up accordingly.

Absolutely, this is something we can do for you. Just let us know what applications you’d like to include.

Anything you consider business critical can be securely backed up (files, applications, desktops etc).

No, it’s affordable regardless of the size of your company. Plus, when you add in the cost of lost data and being offline for long periods of time, having a solution which gets you back up and running in minutes just makes sense.

You’ll have access to our support team who will be able to work with you to resolve any issues straight away to minimise the impact a disaster has upon your company.

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Remote Working Solutions

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Go remote within 1 week. 
From £20 per user per month.

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