Infographic: Government Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2019

The government’s much anticipated 2019 Cyber Security Breaches Survey results are out. And, as always, there’s a lot to digest. So we’ve made life much easier by laying out our key takeaways in the infographic below. You can also read an executive summary by our CEO, Pete Watson over on LinkedIn.

Cyber Security Breaches Infographic

Summary of Statistics


  • 32% of businesses suffered a cyber breach in the past 12 months (22% of charities)
  • £4,180 was the average cost of lost data/assets after breaches, up 32% on 2018
  • 19% of companies had staff who were brought to a complete standstill during cyber attack (21% of charities)
  • 48% of businesses identified at least one attack a month (39% charities)
  • 16% of companies say they are targeted at least once a day
  • 62% of businesses are able to respond to a breach immediately

Types of Cyber Attacks Experienced

  • Phishing 80%
  • Impersonation emails 28%
  • Viruses, spyware, malware including ransomware 27%

Cyber Security and GDPR

  • 30% of companies have made cyber security changes due to GDPR – of which:
    • 60% created new policies
    • 15% had extra staff training
    • 11% changed firewall/system configurations
    • 6% created new contingency plans
  • 33% of companies have a cyber security policy in place
    • 6% growth on 2018
    • 58% of cyber security policies were created or modified in the past 6 months
  • 31% of businesses have performed cyber risk assessments in the past 12 months

Cyber Security Consideration

  • 78% of businesses say cyber security is a high priority for their senior management, up 4% YOY
    • Contrasting with 98% of companies in finance/insurance and 93% in education
    • Only 35% of businesses have a board member with specific cyber security responsibility
    • Only 16% of companies have formal cyber security incident management processes in place
  • 27% of companies are training staff on cyber security, up 7% YOY
  • 59% of businesses have sought external advice on cyber security in the past 12 months
  • Only 11% of businesses have cyber insurance

Investment in Cyber Security

  • 67% of companies invest in cyber security each year
    • This means a worrying spend nothing on cyber security at all
    • 22% of those not spending on cyber security consider themselves too low risk to be hacked
  • The average spend on cyber security is £5,100 per year
    • Education £7,730
    • Health/Social Care £16,800
    • Finance/Insurance £22,050
  • 49% of businesses employ external firms for cyber security
  • 41% of companies look for providers who are ISO 27001 certified
    • 9% looked for Cyber Essentials
    • 4% looked for Cyber Essentials Plus
  • Following a breach:
    • 20% of businesses would carry out additional staff training
    • 17% would change the firewall/system configuration
  • GDPR has been a big driver of investment in cyber security:
    • 7% growth in companies trying to protect customer data
    • 21% of companies invest in cyber security to limit downtime
    • 24% invest in cyber security to limit reputational damage

Controls in place to mitigate cyber attacks

  • 91% of companies attempt to apply patches as soon as available
  • 70% of businesses only allow access to their network via company devices
  • 65% of companies perform backups, with 62% using a cloud service to backup
  • 40% of businesses monitor user activities

Cloud Adoption

  • 60% of businesses use externally hosted web-services
  • Industries most likely to use the cloud:
    • Information/Communications 75%
    • Education 74%
  • Only 50% of construction companies are currently taking advantage of the cloud

How can I stay secure?

If you’ve got concerns around your existing cyber security setup get in touch with us today for a completely free, no obligation consultation. We’re experts in securing networks and email systems and our cyber resilience solutions offer you peace-of-mind, knowing that you can get back up and running in minutes following a cyber breach.


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