Cyber criminals are moving fast… but technology is moving faster.


It’s no longer acceptable to not invest in your technology’s security.

The GDPR has made us all equally responsible for making sure personally-identifiable information is stored safely. Yet, according to the Government’s 2018 “Cyber Security Breaches Survey”, 43% of UK businesses identified a data breach in the twelve months running up to the study.

Thankfully, there are plenty of little-known, yet often inexpensive solutions out there that can help you protect your data and your organisation.

Learn about the common threats and their simple solutions below.


The Problem: As you’ll know, machines within your network should be up-to-date with the latest operating system (typically Microsoft Windows) version number, to ensure there are no vulnerabilities. Updates need to be tested and manually initiated on every machine, which is time consuming; any lag in this process creates a weakness in your network, which attackers can exploit.

The Solution: Next generation desktop technology, such as Hosted Desktops, include all-in-one managed patching solutions, which dramatically reduce patching lead times and any associated risk.

Minimise patching threats


Minimise email threats

The Problem: Forward-thinking attackers can spend weeks learning about a company before launching an attack to compromise their email system and, usually, attempt to intercept payments. Often referred to as “CEO Fraud”, it’s costing companies of all sizes huge sums of money.

The Solution: Working alongside popular apps like Office 365, sophisticated email security scanning software adds screening layers that humans realistically can’t compete with, all in real-time.


The Problem: If ransomware infiltrates one of your employee’s machines, attackers can effectively lock it until you pay the attacker off anonymously. In some instances, one machine can be the gateway to infecting all machines on your network.

The Solution: Cutting-edge desktop technology, such as Hosted Desktops, don’t store data locally – making ransom effectively worthless. As the desktop is hosted, it also removes any risk that other employee machines will be infected in this way.

Minimise ransomware threats


Minimise on-premise app threats

The Problem: It’s natural that one or more of the applications your business uses regularly is a slightly-dated, on-premise application. These days, it’s an unnecessary additional security risk to store important data locally on multiple devices.

The Solution: Rather than needlessly disrupting business by upgrading to a new SaaS product, many businesses are instead opting to host the same legacy application in a secure environment, using a service like application hosting.


The Problem: Humans are by nature a friendly species; often, we’ll happily hold a door-or-two open for a smiley face. For that reason and more, it’s now considered an unnecessary threat to store company data on-premise, whether on office-based servers or locally on employee devices.

The Solution: Leading companies are now opting to host all data in locked down, secure and heavily-accredited hosting environments – knowing these environments offer far less risk. Many also move operating systems to the same environment, by using a Hosted Desktop service, to be confident data access is minimised.

Minimise on-premise storage threats


Minimise password threats

The Problem: Ever used the same password for multiple logins? Everyone does. Even if it’s not your systems that are hacked, employee passwords could still get into the wrong hands – which is the gateway to your systems anyway.

The Solution: User-friendly multi-factor authentication removes the single point of failure on passwords, which in turn nullifies all compromised password-related risk. Multi-factor authentication is available as standard with Atlas Cloud’s Hosted Desktop and Hosted Application solutions.

The modern workplace demands IT that’s both secure and flexible.

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