Managed graphics hardware

Taking the pain out of complex hardware requirements through virtualisation.

Benefits of
Managed Graphics

What is 'Managed Graphics'?

Managed Graphics is a service that takes the pain out of hardware upgrades for graphically-intensive, on‑premise applications.

It’s typically popular in design-based industries like construction or manufacturing, running software like AutoCAD, but is certainly not limited to these use cases. It’s relevant for anyone running complex on-premise applications.

Managed Graphics can be combined with the latest secure hosting technology and services, like Application Hosting, to host on-premise applications more like a SaaS product (requires specific licences for some applications). That means all the processing happens in powerful data centres, rather than the end user’s device, which means users don’t require high-spec hardware.


How is it done?

We combine the latest graphics virtualisation software with the best graphics provider around, NVIDIA. The result is the ability to run the most demanding software on even the poorest of devices – the only thing it needs is access to the internet.

A better user experience

Managed Graphics in a hosted environment means end users can do their work on any device, anywhere in the world. No matter how complex the application. And, because data is never actually stored on the end user’s device (it stays within a secure data centre), it’s never a security risk.

Atlas Cloud are specialists at remote graphics, hosting applications in secure environments.

We’ve yet to discover an on-premise application that we can’t host.

Popular Requests

We receive many requests for hosting graphics-based applications. The below are just some common examples:

Oracle white logo

Primavera P6

A hosted solution for deploying Oracle’s Primavera P6 from your PC or tablet, from anywhere in the world. Unlike the Oracle Cloud, Atlas Cloud’s solution has no minimum user commitments. 

autodesk icon


No matter the graphics requirements, we can secure your on-premise apps. Using NVIDIA graphics hardware, we can seamlessly host design products, such as Autodesk, without any disruption.


Atlas Cloud can support any application, no matter how complex the hardware requirements are. We routinely support graphically-intensive products like AutoCAD and SQL-based products like Sage.

None whatsoever, even for graphically-intensive applications. We use the same graphics provider as disney’s pixar – nvidia – to make sure the end user’s experience is as seamless as you’d expect.

Nope, hosted applications can be configured to appear on a user’s desktop as if it’s a native application, if you like.

The modern workplace demands IT that’s both secure and flexible.

Let us demonstrate how the latest hosted technology can surpass your expectations. Managed by our award-winning engineers or by your own in-house experts.

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