Control SaaS applications

Regain control of escalating hybrid cloud solutions

Regain control of key applications

As more and more companies adopt SaaS applications – with or without the permission of IT – the more control is slipping from IT. That’s bad news for a company’s compliance concerns.

But that no longer has to be the case.

Citrix Workspace is a solution that solves this exact problem.

How does Citrix Workspace help to control SaaS applications?

Citrix Workspace is the new gateway to accessing a user’s digital working environment: their desktop, files, on premise applications and also SaaS applications. When a user accesses SaaS applications through Workspace, IT administrators benefit from artificially-intelligent analytics and user access control options that help them spot and act upon unusual or unauthorised activity.

Because Workspace is more than just the gateway to SaaS applications, users won’t be able to navigate around your new security layers – meaning you can be confident you’re back in control.

Using Citrix Workspace

How do hosted environments remove these restrictions?



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