Secure on-premise applications

Same old app, same old licence – modern, secure environment.

The benefits

How do we secure on-premise applications?

Atlas Cloud are experts at hosting business-critical, on-premise applications in a modern and ultra-secure environment, with no disruption to end users.

Commonly referred to as “legacy” applications, we can help you remove all on-premise related risks by storing the entire application and all associated data in ISO 27001-accredited data centres (additionally, our own processes are ISO 27001-accredited). As data is never downloaded locally, end users can access their work securely using any device, which removes single-device dependency and promotes flexible working.

It’s known as Application Hosting.

Application Hosting customers are able to introduce “Bring Your Own Device” policies, if they wish, enabling them to promote the associated environmental and employee-related benefits.

No matter the application, or device being used, end users can simply access any necessary, on-premise application just as they would with a SaaS app. All with slick multi-factor authentication as standard, naturally.

Commonly supported applications

We’ve yet to discover an on-premise application that we can’t host.

Popular Requests

We host many applications for our customers. Here are just a few of the most common requests we receive:

Sage 50

Move Sage 50 to a widely-accredited hosting environment with secure access, making your data safe and your end users more efficient.

Sage 200

We routinely host Sage 200 for IT teams, allowing them to outsource complex SQL-based hosting. It means they can better focus on their core competence.

Sage X3

As Sage’s official cloud partner for UK & Ireland, we’ve refined our process to create a secure hosting environment that works with minimal disruption.

autodesk icon


No matter the graphics requirements, we can secure your on-premise apps. Using NVIDIA graphics hardware, we can seamlessly host design products like Autodesk without disruption.


Atlas cloud can support any application, no matter how complex the hardware requirements are. We routinely support graphically-intensive products like autocad and sql-based products like sage.

None whatsoever, even for graphically-intensive applications. We use the same graphics provider as disney’s pixar – nvidia – to make sure the end user’s experience is as seamless as you’d expect.

Absolutely not, the best thing about our aaas solution is that it runs on any device, regardless of age or spec.

Have a look at our other IT solutions, including cyber resilience.

The modern workplace demands IT that’s both secure and flexible.

Let us demonstrate how the latest hosted technology can surpass your expectations. Managed by our award-winning engineers or by your own in-house experts.

Email Security Self-Assessment

Just how secure is your corporate email system? Find out now by answering 10 simple questions put together by Atlas Cloud’s email security experts.



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