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two employees working

Blog | Improving employee happiness is the key to improving productivity

Britain’s output per hour worked is now 22.2% lower than that of the US. With cloud-hosted technologies resulting in a…
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Blog | Why secure file sharing applications are a necessity for growing businesses

For smaller organisations, relationships with partners are crucial for business development. Successful entrepreneurs have a common interest in meeting new…
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working on personal tablet

Blog | Find your productive peak with cloud computing

When your working days become regimented, you try to find ways to break the routine. You might find yourself staring…
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Pete Watson

PR | Taking care of business

When it comes to digital transformation, many in the professional services sector are falling behind the times, but it doesn’t…
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Blog | Bring back a work-life balance with cloud computing

It’s commonplace in working society that people miss out on time to relax because they’re so consumed with work. Everyone…
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macbook on table

Blog | Supercharge business growth with cloud computing

As businesses plan for growth, they need to reconsider their entire setup. Although daunting, it’s important that they consider how…
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group work

Blog | Improve project work with Citrix ShareFile in the cloud

As collaboration becomes more crucial for the modern day worker, tools like Citrix ShareFile can provide businesses with a secure…
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Notepad on desk

Blog | Technology can help you achieve your resolutions

With the first week of 2018 almost over, it’s time to review how you’re doing with your New Year’s resolutions.…
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Blog | Why the New Year is a perfect time to try Hosted Desktops

  A­s cloud computing continues to build momentum, there’s never been a better time to try hosted solutions in your…
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Happy New Year

Blog | What SMEs should be planning for 2018

This year, we saw an increase in AI & VR technology, more cloud adoption and more pressure on data security…
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