“Applications we have used for years, such as CCH and Sage have been seamlessly integrated within their cloud platform to enable us to securely access them whenever we need to, from any location.” – Claire Priestley, Director



Clarand Accountants are a client-focused accounting and finance firm that believe cloud accounting is vital for business owners to experience hassle-free management of finances. They provide proactive all-around business support to clients across the UK.


Whilst being with their previous service provider, Clarand Accountants experienced an outage of three days which resulted in business productivity completely grinding to a halt. They needed an experienced managed service provider with registered security standards in place to comply with the process of handling sensitive, financial data. Due to their nationwide client base and staff working hours going outside the typical 9-5, they viewed cloud computing as vital to working efficiently due to the ability to access data and applications at any time.
In addition to this, as an organisation whom worked closely with tech and digital companies, the ability to collaborate securely yet easily was a key influencer in the decision to opt for a Hosted Desktop solution rather than an on-premise setup. They needed an always-on solution with minimal down time which was supported by an approachable technical team around the clock.

“Atlas Cloud has given us the confidence to approach their tech team whenever we need to do so – around the clock.”


Atlas Cloud delivered a fully customizable solution which has integrated existing applications into a secure, easily accessible platform. Critical applications such as CCH and Sage were delivered through the cloud platform which allowed for a seamless migration, enabling staff to pick up right where they left off.
Clarand Accountants approached Atlas Cloud with a number of requirements they needed from their managed service provider. With our registered ISO 27001 security standard, award-winning technical support team and recognised credibility through our partnerships with industry leaders such as Sage, we were able to give Clarand Accountants the confidence they needed to choose Atlas Cloud as their managed service provider.
Even throughout the transition of moving offices, Atlas Cloud provided full mobile access to all users. As a result, productivity was maximised rather than being hindered as it would have been with an on-premise IT setup. With their demands of support exceeding normal working hours, Atlas Cloud was able to provide technical assistance around the clock.  

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