“This has been a natural move for us as we continue to be expand and the transition period has been much less challenging than anticipated thanks to the strength, experience and availability of the Atlas Cloud team. Ecus has benefited from a 20% increase in productivity as a result of moving to the Atlas Cloud.” – Erica Kemp, Business Development Director 



Ecus Ltd. is a successful environmental consultancy that originated from the University of Sheffield. The business is growing organically in addition to geographical expansion into target regions.



Ecus had outgrown their existing IT infrastructure and the IT assets that they were utilising were at the end of their life, resulting in Ecus facing a major capital investment; this led them to consider investigating the cloud opportunities that were available. The company engaged Atlas Cloud to perform a study and recommend a solution that was right for their current business, whilst also addressing their business development plans. 

Ecus had a need to address the mobile requirements of their workforce and – being at the forefront of environmental issues – were interested in reducing their energy consumption as part of the solution. The company needed a robust and secure solution that provided a sound IT infrastructure to support their business model; they wanted to meet the challenges whilst also enjoying a value for money service with a clear and forecastable cost structure.

“Ecus has benefited from a 20% increase in productivity as a result of moving to the Atlas Cloud.”


Atlas Cloud provided a solution which addressed all of the challenges and requirements of the Ecus business, and provided significant and material advantages that a traditional IT service model does not include.

The solution consists of an operational expense model based on a three year contract offering a fixed price for the baseline service plus a standard rate card for any requirements over and above this. The model can be very flexible above the baseline in that the number of Ecus users can change each month flexing higher or lower as the business demands. 

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