“Atlas Cloud presented a solid solution which matched the brief put forward. The agile nature of Atlas’ pricing model allows our business to meet any new requirements we have in a matter of minutes.” – Nicholas Sloka, IT Business Development Manager

Event Marketing Solutions


Event Marketing Solutions Ltd is a provider of vehicle-based marketing roadshows. The company employs over 40 people and has a global client base from sectors including; retail, technology, financial services and manufacturing. 



EMS was planning to move offices which lead to the reconsideration of their current IT setup. In addition to this, they previously had a third-party deliver a local version of Citrix that was not efficient due to lag when more than 10 users accessed the application. 

Having access to work data and applications exclusively within the office was no longer efficient for the modern day worker. With data residing within the four walls of their office, staff were unable to collaborate effectively. 

With this plan for growth and demand for mobility, it became evident that their current IT setup was not fit for purpose. They needed something that complied with security, collaboration and control whilst offering scalability. 

“Atlas Cloud presented a solid solution which matched the brief put forward.”



Atlas Cloud delivered a hosted desktop environment which included applications such as: Sage, Adobe Creative Cloud, ARCHICAD and Office 365. By hosting their business critical data and applications within our cloud platform, staff are able to edit and modify documents of any size on any device, anywhere. Atlas Cloud’s solution matched he brief put forward in terms of technical and budget requirements with scalability at the forefront.

As EMS employees were experiencing lag with their previous IT setup, they wanted the ability to work with minimal disruption. Atlas Cloud presented EMS with the centralisation of all IT into a data centre, providing access to systems and software anywhere via internet connectivity.

This enabled EMS to improve collaboration and communications both in-house and externally. With staff previously reluctant to embrace new technology, the cloud platform replicated their existing work desktop in appearance but performed at a greatly improved standard.

The implementation of the Atlas Cloud solution allowed EMS to focus on its core processes and provided them with the opportunity to scale to reflect their business growth.

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Remote Working Solutions

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