The Finlay James team can access their entire desktop from any location, on any device (tablet, mobile phone, laptop, home, PC) at any time.

Finlay James Associates


Founded in 2003, Finlay James Associates have over 250 years of combined technology sales and digital recruitment experience. 



Finlay James previously used unreliable VPNs to access data. There was no standardisation of data across the organisation. As a result of this, collaboration between colleagues and stakeholders was massively restricted resulting in insecure methods of file sharing. This increased the risk of data leakage, virus and malware attacks.

As their data was stored locally in their Manchester office, this made it difficult to access information from any other location. The VPNs used RDP which caused delays and slowness in accessing data from any other location. 

As the business had plans for growth, their IT needed to reflect these requirements. Finlay James required a fully flexible solution which was fully scalable to match their business growth strategy which was coupled with mergers and acquisitions.

In addition to this, there was no structured disaster recovery plan in place. Instead, they had backup tapes which were changed daily from the servers at the Didsbury office. These were sometimes taken off site but it wasn’t determined how often this occurred. 


To resolve their current IT issues, Finlay James could’ve potentially upgraded hardware the traditional way which involved buying new licenses, servers and network infrastructure. This would’ve resulted in a huge captial expenditure investment in new hardware.

Instead, they moved to the Atlas Cloud platform. By doing so, this involved the centralisation of all the offices into a data centre, providing 24/7 access to all systems and applications via the internet. This also involved standardising all of the Microsoft software to drive efficiency and collaboration within the organisation. 

Atlas Cloud provided Finlay James with a Hosted Desktop solution which stored all data and applications into a secure platform that was protected and backed up, operating from two ISO 27001 data centres based in the UK.

This resulted in reduced costs as all desktops and applications are under Atlas Cloud’s management, allowing the organisation to focus on its strategic objectives. As the Finlay James business grows, its private Atlas Cloud platform reflects this. The high setup costs at points-of-charge in the business have been removed as users can easily be added or removed when its needed, depending on staff requirements. 

All applications were integrated into a unified cloud solution. Which involved all Microsoft licenses being standardised with upgrades and patchworks managed remotely. As nothing is stored locally, staff are not restricted to the four walls of the office and all applications, email and backups are hosted in a secure cloud environment, improving business agility. The Finlay James team can access their entire desktop from any location, on any device (tablet, mobile phone, laptop, home, PC) at any time. New employees can have their desktop provisioned instantly. This enables workplace flexibility, business continuity and improves staff productivity. 

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