Estate agent and chartered surveyors George F. White needed an email security solution that was easier to use and would offer protection from spoof CEO emails.

George F. White


For 40 years now, George F. White have been providing professional services to customers in the residential, commercial, agricultural, energy, leisure and environmental sectors. Starting with one office in Alnwick they have now grown to six offices in the following locations: Bedale, Wolsingham, Duns, Barnard Castle and Newcastle.

They are now firmly established as experts across a wide regional area; across southern Scotland and northern England, offering a growing range of services


George F. White were experiencing issues with their previous email security supplier and wanted to move to a product that was easier to use in terms of administrative use. They needed a solution which would allow users to manage their own safe senders list rather than relying on IT to release and whitelist email addresses. As each user was regularly using email to contact a wide range of customers and suppliers in order to do their job, it was important to that the new provider would give them the control they needed at an individual level.

Additionally, their previous provider was also unable to handle the blocking of impersonation attack/CEO fraud emails. This meant that large quantities of these types of emails were making it through to users which posed a potential security risk for the business.

“We talked to Atlas Cloud about a previous product (which did not come to fruition) and were impressed with the knowledge and enthusiasm shown during the initial discussions. They were able to provide a competitive quote and deliver the product quickly.”

Dan Tweedy, Information Systems Manager


It was decided that switching to Mimecast would allow George F. White to overcome the challenges they had been facing with their previous email security solution. Mimecast offers industry leading anti-spam and anti-virus checks. It also comes with Target Threat Protection which checks all email for impersonation attacks, checks all URLs and attachments within an email and executes them in a safe sandbox environment before they reach the user. Every email a company receives is also checked against a comprehensive and constantly evolving directory of email threats (ransomware, phishing attacks, spam attacks, etc.) compiled by Mimecast. This high level of email security has made Mimecast the market leader.

Within the Mimecast service, users have the power to control their own safe senders list, putting them firmly in control to work productively, receiving the emails they need every time.

George F. White were also migrating their email to Microsoft Office 365 so they needed the ability to add branded email signatures to their email. Mimecast offers this functionality, along with all the email protection functionality, which saved the company having to buy additional software with which to brand emails.

George F. White chose to work with Atlas Cloud as they had been in talks previously on a different project and had been impressed by the company’s technical knowledge and enthusiasm. As one of the only providers of Mimecast in the North East, Atlas Cloud were able to provide a competitive quote and deliver the setup of Mimecast fast.

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