“I know exactly what my costs are; in fact I can now confidently predict my future IT expenditure as Atlas Cloud employs a per-user, pay-as-you-go monthly subscription model.” – Oliver Vaulkhard, Managing Director

Vaulkhard Group

The client

The Vaulkhard Group owns and operates a number of unique bars and coffee houses in the North East region, employing over 300 staff in 10 locations. The group also provides bespoke interior design solutions to independent owner operators and larger UK and international brands across the leisure sector.


A dynamic, multi-site group places a heavy burden on its IT infrastructure; it has to respond to the demands of the business whilst providing the scalability and flexibility that safeguards future growth.

The Vaulkhard Group’s IT solution, having evolved over time, had been pushed to its limits. The management team was increasingly concerned that their IT infrastructure was inefficient, costly to maintain and prone to failing which would lead to lost productivity across the group. It therefore wanted to move to a solution that was cost-effective, supported and most importantly, scalable.


Managing Director of Vaulkhard Group, Oliver Vaulkhard, was candid when speaking about adopting a cloud solution. “Whilst the concept of moving from a traditional IT solution to a cloud solution was challenging, the simple truth was that we couldn’t continue as we were and risk a serious disruption to our business operations. Atlas Cloud presented us with a viable alternative in a way we could understand. but even then we were still cautious of committing to something so completely different to how we’d worked in the past.”

Atlas engineers identified that a multi-site operation needed to communicate efficiently and enable users to share and store data effectively across the group. The solution needed to be flexible, enabling new users to come on-stream easily with no business disruption, and it needed to provide Microsoft Office applications to all users via the cloud.

Oliver says of his experience of migrating the business’ data to the cloud, “We were told exactly what would happen during the transition to the cloud  solution and that’s exactly what did happen. On Friday, we went home and the Atlas engineers moved in. They mirrored our servers, ensuring no data loss whatsoever, they took out all the now redundant hardware and set up our new workstations ready for us coming back into work on Monday.

“Two engineers stayed with us for a few days to ensure any question or teething problems we had were immediately resolved and the help desk, well that really is a help desk. I know that I’m speaking with engineers who want to help me and who want to own an issue until it is resolved.”

“Recently, a contractor dug through a broadband cable in the road outside our head office. In the past, that would have meant all our staff sitting at their desks unable to work. We just sent everyone home, they logged onto the office solution from their own PCs and continued working.

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