Save time and reduce costs with Hosted Desktops

Wednesday, December 6th, 2017


The Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2017 reveals nearly seven in ten large businesses identified a breach or attack, with the average cost to large businesses of all breaches over the period being £20,000 and in some cases reaching millions. A traditional approach to IT can put organisations at high threat. The need to opt for a digital transformation is becoming crucial. But, what are the benefits of undergoing a digital makeover?

Reduced costs

Instead of supplying new kit to each member of staff that is recruited, businesses now have the ability to scale as and when they need to. This means there is no unused hardware lying about the office, simply return kit to the service provider when necessary. A study from Rackspace that surveyed 1,300 companies found that 88% of cloud users experienced cost savings and 56% noted an increase in profits.

Instead of purchasing in-house equipment, hardware needs are left to the vendor. For SMEs that are growing, new hardware can be a huge inconvenience. By utilising kit that they are essentially leasing, they remove the upfront cost and can instead make use of up-to-date kit at a much lower cost.

As everything is stored on a secure cloud platform and not on individual devices, staff also have the choice to use their own device to get work done. This completely removes the need to purchase equipment for staff.

Saves time

You no longer need to waste time performing manual backups, setting up new workstations and updating each bit of kit regularly. Instead, you can opt for an approach to IT that means the fiddly stuff is taken care of by the experts.

When a new member of staff starts, you needn’t worry about getting them organised. Instead, you can simply add or remove users with the click of a button with their exact application requirements implemented in their own personal hosted desktop.

If you’re wanting to maximise your business processes by working with an innovative approach to IT, do not hesitate to contact us today for your free demo.

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