Since 2010 Atlas Cloud has been providing cloud-based solutions to a wide range of industry sectors. We are one of the fastest growing technology companies in the North East, with 80% growth last year.

Our services include Hosted Desktops, Office 365, Application as a Service, Disaster Recovery and much more besides. Our aim is to provide all sectors with technology solutions that enable them to increase productivity, remain secure and reduce risk. 

Our team of experts will work with you to create a solution specific to your needs that you can choose to self-manage or have managed by our award-winning team


We know that for law firms keeping highly sensitive data secure is a top priority, which is why our range of services aim to protect them from cyber threats and ensure business continuity.

As maximising the potential of each billable hour is vital, we also offer a range of services which improve productivity.


Recruitment agencies handle a lot of confidential candidate data, so we offer a range of solutions which protect this data from insider and external threats, all complying fully with GDPR regulations.

Our hosted desktop service enables recruiters to be able to work efficiently wherever they are and on any device.


As the work carried out within the construction industry is on-the-go, we offer a range of solutions which allow you to access key applications, including 3D graphics software, wherever you go with no loss in performance.

By virtualising applications in our servers, which use the same graphics provider as Disney’s Pixar (NVIDIA), you can work anywhere with any device.


At Atlas Cloud we know that many educational facilities have limited budgets, which is why we work closely with them to ensure their budgets go further. By hosting all data and applications on our servers you can reduce your IT spend on your own servers and move to low cost thin client PCs.

Users will also experience better connectivity and become more productive with our hosted desktop solutions. We’re G-Cloud approved and fully GDPR compliant, giving you the peace of mind that your sensitive data will be protected.


At Atlas Cloud we are proud to be G-Cloud accredited, meaning we have passed the necessary audits to save you going through the full tender process. Our cloud solutions bring operational efficiencies to all public sector organisations.

We’re able to help with complex IT transformation projects and assist IT infrastructures, that often haven’t had a lot of investment, to move into the Cloud.


Our range of cloud technology solutions for the accounting industry help take the hassle out of day-to-day IT. Hosted desktops allow accountants to securely access all of their data, Office 365 and other applications in one familiar Windows environment. We are GDPR compliant and BS10012 and ISO 27001 certified. 


Our range of services are ideal for the travel and leisure industry where seasonal changes mean there is a need to scale up and down according to customer demands.

Also operating across multiple branches can create IT headaches and issues for users. With our hosted desktops travel & leisure companies can save money and work effectively from any office or remotely at home.


If you work in the property sector you need to be able to work while on the go visiting various property sites. Our hosted desktop service allows you to take the office with you wherever you are. You can access your Windows desktop session from any device and pick up exactly where you left off. Ideal for a stop-start yet productive work day!


Due to the nature of the work carried out in the Financial Services sector, ensuring data security is a high priority. We offer a range of hosted services, all of which help improve security and ensure business continuity. 

We hold a range of security accreditations including ISO 27001, BS10012, Cyber Essentials and we have also passed key audits by MBNA and the Bank of America.


We offer a range of cloud-based solutions which allow charities and not for profit organisations to get more out of their IT budgets. With discounted software licences (including Microsoft Office 365), hosted desktops and disaster recovery services we have solutions to ensure security and productivity for your organisation. 


For more information, view our privacy policy.

Hosted Apps

Virtualise any of your customers legacy / on-premise apps and host them in the cloud. Now customers can enjoy the accessibility of the cloud without having to seek out alternatives to their favourite software.

Citrix Workspace

The future of desktops. Arrange all of your customers desktops, apps and files in one simple interface. Create a digital perimeter that secures and controls all apps whether on-premise, web or SaaS.

Hosted Desktops

Enable your customer to access their desktops and files from anywhere, at any time, on any device. We can even virtualise on-premise apps for full remote connectivity to all essential business tools.