Our range of cloud-based technology solutions are perfect for the legal industry which is looking to move away from traditional IT and head towards cloud technology. We have been helping law firms improve user and operational efficiencies since 2010.

In all law firms data is valuable and highly sensitive, and because of this security is a top priority. By moving to our hosted desktop solution your client data will be hosted in our data centres. Both Atlas Cloud as a company and our data centres are IS0 27001 certified. We are also BS10012 certified which shows that we manage Personal Identifiable Information correctly and according to GDPR regulations. Atlas Cloud have also passed key audits from Experian and the Bank of America.

Hosted desktops provide users the ability to access all their key data and applications in one familiar Windows based environment. They can be accessed securely via multi-factor authentication on any device which enables your users to be highly productive wherever they are, including on-the-go. Any lost or stolen devices can be remotely locked or wiped for added security. Additionally, to prevent any critical data loss all user activity can be tracked and USB access can be locked down.

With our hosted desktops the processing power is in the cloud not on the device, meaning you can switch to low cost and low energy ‘thin client’ devices allowing you to save money on IT and utility bills. Also if you are looking to go paperless in your law firm (due to security and environmental factors), cloud technology helps you head in the right direction.


We help our customers in the legal industry maximise the potential from their billable hours. Having to spend time logging in to multiple systems and applications is seen as wasted time so we are able to provide solutions to speed this up. By using software such as FSLogix and Citrix Workspace we are able to bring the different applications you need into one familiar Windows environment that can be accessed quickly via one login. For example we recently implemented FSLogix for Ward Hadaway which has reduced their login speeds from minutes to seconds.

By using a hosted desktop, your data is constantly backed up so in the event of a crash you can resume exactly where you left off with no data loss. We also offer a best-of-breed disaster recovery solution which will get your systems back up and running in minutes instead of days with data loss in seconds not minutes.


  • Heightened productivity
  • Reduced Capital Expenditure (CapEx)
  • Reduced printing costs/paperless system
  • Secure ISO 27001 data centres
  • Fully GDPR compliant
  • Reduced carbon footprint


At Atlas Cloud we are able to take applications which are traditionally stored on-premise (sometimes needing expensive servers to run them on) and move them into the cloud. This saves time accessing applications which may require different types of connections by bringing them together into one easy-to-access environment. This also brings cost benefits by removing the need to support expensive servers.

We’ve yet to find an application we can’t host, so if you’re looking to host case management software (e.g. Proclaim, AlphaLaw, Peapod Legal Office, LEAP, Peppermint, PracticePanther), time billing software (e.g. Bill4Time, Time Watch) or digital dictation software (e.g. Dragon, Olympus) we can help.


Email is vital to any law firm and sending and receiving highly confidential client information is a necessary part of daily life. However, recent email attacks on Anthony Gold and DLA Piper caused major disruptions and bad publicity for both companies.

Atlas Cloud provide a range of cyber security and resilience tools which help ensure that confidential data isn’t hacked or intercepted. Our email monitoring powered by Mimecast, offers the best protection against malicious phishing and ransomware attacks as well as reducing the breaches caused by human error. Mimecast carries out 3 stages of protection; checking attachments, URLs and email content at a speed and detail that human precautions are unlikely to achieve.


Our commitment to cyber security includes having obtained certification in Cyber Essentials, which is the UK Government based security scheme. From conversations we have had with Lexcel we know that having a Cyber Essentials accreditation is something which is likely to be added to their requirements for best practice, so by working with Atlas Cloud we can ensure your law firm is also Cyber Essentials certified.


Remote Working Solutions

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Go remote within 1 week. 
From £20 per user per month.

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