The recruitment industry is dynamic and fast paced and in order to be successful you need an IT solution fit for the modern workplace. Atlas Cloud have a lot of experience providing cloud based technology and solutions to recruitment companies. From Office 365 to hosted desktops we have a solution.


In recruitment, data and candidate information is valuable and also highly sensitive so you need to keep it secure. With Atlas Cloud your data is stored in one of our secure ISO 27001 accredited data centres. As a company we hold BS10012 certification which shows that we manage Personal Identifiable Information correctly and according to GDPR regulations. We also offer a range of disaster recovery solutions to further protect your data and get you up and running in minutes not days after an outage.

Cyber-attacks are a continuous threat and the methods used are evolving fast. However, our range of cyber-resilience and email monitoring services are one step ahead of the hackers. As you will be sending and receiving candidate information via email you need a system that protects you from viruses, phishing, ransomware attacks and human error. Our Mimecast powered service checks attachments, URLs and content of inbound and outbound emails at a speed and detail that human-based precautions are unlikely to match.


Unfortunately, a common area of risk for recruitment companies is staff leaving for a rival or to set up for themselves and taking your data with them. We offer a range of solutions including the following which we set up for Finlay James to help protect data:

  • Restricted USB access
  • Blocked access to file transfer sites e.g. Dropbox & Sharefile
  • Removed the ability to screenshot
  • Blocked copy and paste from local PC to cloud and cloud to PC
  • Mobile device management (MDM) to remotely wipe corporate apps and data
  • Set up alerts to flag up suspicious behaviour


Since 2010, we have worked with a lot of recruitment companies so we understand how they need to work. With a focus on flexibility, scalability and fast access to data our hosted desktops give recruiters the tools they need in a competitive industry. By switching to a hosted desktop you get access to Office 365 and all your key data and applications in one familiar Windows based environment. You can then access your desktop from any device, wherever you are and resume your session exactly where you left off (a bit like Netflix!). This gives recruiters the ability to be more productive, react faster to potential business and work on-the-go. For example, when meeting a client or a new candidate you can input their requirements or details directly into your systems rather than waiting until the meeting is over.

Hosted desktops bring great cost benefits to recruiters too. As processing power and your data is stored in the cloud it removes the need to buy expensive PCs, laptops, tablets and run on-site servers. Instead you can switch to ‘thin client’ devices which are priced low and use less electricity. Finally, as time is valuable for recruiters, using a hosted desktop solution allows you to quickly access everything you need via one login – no wasting time managing multiple logins or passwords.


We also specialise in hosting applications (including RDB Pro) for recruiters. Moving traditional on-premise applications into a virtual cloud environment operated by a managed service provider removes the resource drain which comes from installing, maintaining and updating key applications. Some applications also require dedicated servers which are expensive to purchase and maintain. Virtualisation also gives users the ability to access business critical apps wherever they are instead of just at their desk. If you have an application you’d be keen to host please contact us today.


  • Heightened productivity
  • Reduced Capital Expenditure (CapEx)
  • Reduce insider threats and data loss
  • Advanced email protection
  • GDPR compliant
  • Lowered carbon footprint


Remote Working Solutions

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