For travel and leisure companies moving to cloud-based IT offers the flexibility needed to be competitive in a busy market place.

Seasonal changes massively impact this industry with certain times of the year being a lot busier than others. Our cloud solutions are available on monthly subscription contracts meaning travel firms can scale up and down to meet higher demand in January for example which is usually a busier time. Find out more about our prices here.

Traditionally travel firms have multiple branches on various high streets and supporting IT infrastructure at multiple sites can be expensive. Instead of paying for expensive servers and PC’s you can move across to use our servers and switch to cheaper ‘thin client’ devices as the processing power comes from our servers (not the device) meaning you get great performance on any device. These cost savings allow you to pass on savings to customers and become even more competitive on the busy high street.

With multiple branches it is quite common for users to need to work in more than one location. In this scenario our hosted desktops are perfect as users can access their same desktop session (including all their data, applications and emails) wherever they are. And a bit like Netflix they can pick up exactly where they left off when working from a different location. No wasted time logging in – just improved productivity.

We also offer application hosting which involves taking software which has historically been stored on-site and moving it into our cloud environment. This is perfect if you need to cut back on expensive IT costs or just want to give users better access.

Whether you want to use our full hosted desktop service or just get us to host an application, one of the main benefits you’ll find is that users can work as effectively from home (or anywhere in the world) as they can in the office and they can use any device they like. Ideal if your company is looking to utilise home workers to grow your business.


In travel and leisure firms you handle a lot of confidential customer data on a daily basis. Due to this you’ll want to protect your data from internal threats and cyber-attacks. To help protect our customers we store their data in our ISO 27001 certified data centres. Atlas Cloud is also BS10012 certified which demonstrates our commitment to protecting sensitive data within GDPR regulations. You can find out more about our various accreditations here.

We also offer a range of disaster recovery and email resilience products which help protect travel and leisure companies from cyber-crime and minimise the impact an outage can have on business continuity.


  • Flexibility to meet seasonal demands
  • Reduced expenditure on IT
  • Productive working from multiple sites
  • ISO 27001 accredited and GDPR compliant
  • Email protection
  • Access data and apps from any device


Remote Working Solutions

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Go remote within 1 week. 
From £20 per user per month.

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