Data loss whether through human error or malware and ransomware attacks are highly costly and have a negative impact on business productivity. Having backups of data is critical to minimise the impact data loss can cause.

Traditional on-site server backups are essential but in the event of fire or water damage to your servers you need an extra layer of protection.

Our backup service provides an extra level of security to complement your on-site solution. Backing up your data to our off-site cloud based servers gives you the added security you need to recover your data in the event of an incident. Our backup service allows you to choose whether we backup your files, applications, emails, Windows image or all of the above.

All of your data, regardless of how old it is, is backed up in our data centres which have passed key industry certifications including ISO 27001:2013. We encrypt your data during transfer and at rest, giving you the peace of mind that your data is backed up and completely restorable.

If you need a more frequent backup of business critical applications, then we can work with you to tailor a backup schedule just for you. Additionally, our solution is completely scalable meaning it can easily grow as your company does (or if you decide to add to what you’re backing up).



You can choose exactly what you want us to backup for you e.g. files, emails, servers etc


Need to back up critical applications more often? No problem we can create a backup plan that meets your needs


If your company uses Microsoft Office 365, did you know that your data isn’t automatically backed up despite it being a cloud based product? To counteract the damage that could be caused by losing any Office 365 work we also offer a backup service meaning you don’t need to worry about losing key documents, emails or spreadsheets as we can recover them all for you.

Frequently asked questions

Security in the cloud

Is backing up
data to the cloud
a risk?

No, all your backups are encrypted in-transit and at rest.

Backup duration

How often will the backup of my data run

It’s up to you – we’ll work with you to create a customised solution that meets the needs of your business.


How much will it cost to backup my data?

It depends on how much data you have, call us for a price.

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