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Full visibility over use behaviour and keeps cyber-attacks at bay.

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Citrix Analytics

About Citrix Analytics

Citrix Workspace comes with Citrix Analytics under the bonnet (as standard) to supercharge your security. It uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to monitor the behaviour of users and also take preventative measures in order to keep you safe from cyber-threats.

All activities across users, their devices, networks and files which are deemed to be suspicious or harmful are flagged up to IT or prevented before they can take place. Citrix cloud Analytics offers a range of industry leading security features, keep reading for more information.

Risk Profiles

Machine learning allows Citrix to monitor activities and behaviour of users to allocate them a risk score from 0 to 100. IT administrators can easily monitor risk scores via the Intuitive Security Dashboard.

Citrix Analytics User Risk Score

Behavioural Flags

The monitoring functionality of Citrix Analytics keeps an eye out for suspicious behaviour. For example, if a user regularly logs in to Workspace via a certain device in a specific location, should their profile show that they are trying to gain access in another country or via a different device this is flagged up to IT administrators so they can decide whether access should be granted. These precautions help stop common tactics of cyber-criminals.

Behavioural flags

Automated Screen Recording

If Citrix cloud Analytics detects that a user is doing something which is deemed risky (e.g. excessive accessing of sensitive files) it will automatically record the users’ session. This allows IT to monitor the activity and is perfect for industries like financial services which require stringent audits. This functionality is a great way of preventing data loss from internal sources.

Preventative Measures

Malicious activity favoured by cyber-criminals is prevented using Citrix Analytics. Using pre-determined actions, it helps to stop attacks before they happen. This helps prevent data loss and IT being compromised by ransomware attacks.

Prevents cyber attacks

Further Security

The security functionality of Citrix Workspace doesn’t stop there. Using Citrix Access Control and its enhanced security measures you can apply specific policies to individual SaaS applications which help reduce data loss via insider threats.

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