Citrix Intelligent Workspace

The perfect tool for user productivity.

Citrix have recently acquired Sapho, which has allowed them to move closer to delivering their Intelligent Workspace. Sapho have been leading the way with intelligent integrations and streamlined workflows into one unified experience which help improve user experience and productivity. This will be available within the Citrix Workspace App.
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What is Citrix Intelligent Workspace?

The demands of the modern workplace and user expectations mean that having data and applications in various locations and not available from any device is no longer sufficient.

With this in mind and harnessing the power of Sapho, Intelligent Workplace offers a central hub which radically improves user’s productivity by allowing them to carry out a range of tasks from one location and it works seamlessly when moving across multiple endpoints.

Citrix Intelligent Workspace integrates with all your business applications, which are shown in real time, to create a workfeed of key tasks and insights to give you a dashboard from which your working day can be driven from. This includes your calendar so you can see at a glance what upcoming meetings you have that day alongside your personalised workfeed. With Workspace accessed via a single sign on, users can save a lot of time each day not having to login to the various apps they need, including 3rd party SaaS apps.

Within your Intelligent Workspace you’ll be able to quickly carry out a range of tasks and workflows which historically have required logging into various applications and have taken many clicks. One great example relates to the annual leave request workflow. As your holiday management system and calendars are integrated and visible in the Intelligent Workspace you can see instantly, who else is off and if there are going to be any issues around approving the annual leave. Once you’ve checked this you can approve or deny annual leave with one click. For managers, imagine how much time this will save them per employee they manage across the year.

Other workflows you can do from within your Intelligent Workspace include:

Citrix Intelligent Workspace is also perfectly placed to improve collaboration within your company. Integrating with collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams and Citrix Content Collaboration, it means better approval and feedback workflows, both internally and externally.

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