Citrix Unified Endpoint Management (UEM)

Giving IT total control over apps and all devices both business and personal.

Benefits of Citrix UEM

About Citrix Unified Endpoint Management

Powered by XenMobile, Citrix Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) goes beyond a traditional Mobile Device Management (MDM) system to create secure application delivery and management to all device types – including PC, Mac, Chrome and other major devices. IT administrators have the power to easily carry out inventory and management of all devices using the Citrix Workspace App via a single management console. Key features of Citrix Unified Endpoint Management include:

Simple Endpoint Configuration

You can set up controls to make it a lot easier and quicker to enrol new devices and determine the permission levels that they should have. You can also create controls and triggers for users including device wiping, locking and notifications which can pop up to inform users they’re in violation of certain policies.

Mobile editing
Publish SaaS apps

Total App Management

Unified Endpoint Management by Citrix gives you the power to manage the Citrix Workspace App on user’s devices. Updates to business critical applications and the Workspace App itself can be pushed out to devices to ensure all users are on the same version. With some MDM software you only have the ability to control the device itself, but with Citrix UEM you can apply IT policies at an app level rather than device level. This is perfect for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) schemes where device control may be kept to a minimum.

Keep Track of Users

You can now track user access credentials, the devices they are using, and the time and location they access the Citrix Workspace App. This is great for audit purposes as well as security purposes. For example, if a user regularly logs in via a specific device in a certain location, if someone tries to access their account in a different country on a different device this will be flagged up to IT as it may be someone trying to access the account illegally.

Keep track of users

Enhanced By Workspace App

With the Workspace App you not only have the power to control user endpoints but you also get industry leading security controls with Citrix Access Control and Analytics, which control how users interact with the App and lets you easily monitor user behaviour and their risk score. It also helps to improve workflows and collaboration within your business with Content Collaboration functionality.

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