What is Citrix Workspace App?

Access everything you need – everywhere!

Benefits of Citrix Workspace App

About The Citrix
Workspace App

Citrix Workspace App is the new way of accessing everything you need for work. Using just one app your users can access SaaS applications, on-site applications, cloud and on-site desktops and all their files (both locally and from cloud services like OneDrive). It offers a unified consistent experience for users regardless of whether they are using a laptop, tablet, smartphone or any other device you can think of!


Machine learning allows Citrix to monitor activities and behaviour of users to allocate them a risk score from 0 to 100. IT administrators can easily monitor risk scores via the Intuitive Security Dashboard.

Citrix Workspace App works on any device
Citrix Workspace app login

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Rather than having to remember multiple passwords to access desktops, files or various SaaS websites, your users can now access it all via one single sign on. Think of the time savings you’ll make per user per year by giving them a system that lets them open up everything they need this quick. Not to mention how much time your IT team will save by not having to reset passwords for users!

This uses credentials from Active Directory and you can also add in a second factor authentication token for extra security if you like.

Built for Modern Life

The Citrix Workspace App has been designed to securely sit alongside your user’s personal applications on the same device. This allows you to implement effective BYOD schemes that users love as they can live on one preferred device rather than having multiple devices forced upon them. Users will be more receptive to it as, when they leave, you only have the power to wipe the app and not the whole device like some MDM setups. With Citrix Unified Endpoint Management IT administrators can push out updates to the app to ensure all users are on the same version.

Business and personal apps together

Fast Access to your Files

The Citrix Workspace App brings together all of your files that traditionally might be in multiple locations e.g. corporate X Drive, ShareFile, OneDrive etc. So now users have fast access to all their data, making searching for files a lot easier as files in multiple locations can now be searched from one centralised place via the Workspace App.

Completely Customisable

Users can set out the Workspace home screen as they want. Including being able to ‘star’ up to 250 favourite apps, documents and files which will be quickly accessible via the favourites tab. 

Go fully branded

With the Citrix Workspace App you can be in control of how it looks. Rather than your users having a Citrix Branded app on their device you can brand it up so the app icon is in your corporate colours!

And so much more…

It doesn’t stop there though. The Citrix Workspace App also offers unrivalled security options with its Citrix Access Control and Citrix Analytics features. You can also make great improvements to workflows and collaboration both inside and outside of your company with the Citrix Content Collaboration feature.

If you’re looking for the premium package of Citrix Workspace, talk to Atlas Cloud, one of the top managed service providers UK-wide.


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