Citrix Workspace Premium Plus

What’s included in the Citrix Workspace Premium Plus suite?

About Workspace Premium Plus

Citrix Workspace looks set to make waves in the technology world and change the way we work. Offering unmatched user benefits and A.I powered security features, Citrix Workspace is a game-changer for modern workplaces.

Citrix Workspace comes in three tiers, Citrix Workspace StandardCitrix Workspace Premium and Premium Plus.

The Premium Plus package offers the complete Citrix Workspace experience and this page takes a closer look at what is included.

Citrix Workspace Premium Plus would be ideal for businesses looking to address the following issues:

  • If your company uses a variety of multi-cloud solutions you can now bring them all together into one place, massively reducing complexity. For example, you can bring SaaS applications under your control with Workspace by publishing them direct to the Workspace App with enhanced security controls applied.
  • Any company looking to maximise their users’ productivity would benefit from Citrix Workspace Premium Plus. Imagine the time savings per user per year if they could access everything via one sign on?
  • Companies looking to increase their cyber security and resilience with A.I and machine learning powered security. Automated session recording, user risk profiles and preventative security measures offer unmatched protection.
  • Any business looking for a better way to share and collaborate on documents.
  • Any business that wants a complete UEM system to enable them to control how devices which use the Citrix Workspace App are managed.
  • Companies that want to bring absolutely everything they use into the Citrix Workspace App can do so with the Premium Plus package which allows you to include access any on-site or cloud-based desktops. Perfect for mobile and flexible working.

Workspace Premium Plus Features

  • Citrix Workspace App
  • Citrix Access Control
  • Citrix Analytics for Access Control
  • Citrix UEM
  • Citrix Content Collaboration
  • Citrix Analytics for Workspace
  • Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops

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