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For decades now Autodesk have been the go to company for software which enables architects, engineers and everyone in the construction industry to plan, model and create 3D virtualisation designs. Users of Autodesk have traditionally had two options regarding accessing the software. Firstly they could install it locally on a high spec computer. These computers are expensive due to needing high end graphics cards, at least 8GB memory and up to Ultra High 4K display resolutions. The second option was to host the application with Citrix and use thin client devices.

Recently Autodesk have announced that licensing changes which now allow users to virtualise Autodesk. This affects the following types of licence:

  • Single-user access licenses – including named user licenses and LT licences
  • Enterprise business subscription license

This is huge news for construction and manufacturing businesses as they can now use Autodesk in a way that suits modern working. For users who have been using high spec computers it means they no longer need to be chained to their desk as they can access the software on-the-go. They can now show customers designs whilst on site and even make changes in situ instead of having to wait until being back at the office.

For users who have previously hosted using Citrix desktops they can now take advantage of true cloud benefits by moving away from internal IT and partnering with a specialist managed service provider. So rather than paying for servers with expensive graphics virtualisation they can move to a cheaper subscription based model instead.

Current limitations with Autodesk 360 cloud

Feedback we’ve received from our customers has told us that the current Autodesk 360 Cloud product does come with certain drawbacks and the only real benefit is that it can be used for file storage.

The main limitation with the product is that when working on a piece of work it requires a copy of the file to be downloaded to your local machine. This can mean a poor experience as load times can be slow especially when working in an area with limited bandwidth or in another office/country away from the server as every time you make a change there is a delay while it syncs up.

The Atlas Cloud solution

As a top UK IT managed service provider, we have listened to the feedback from customers and have come up with an alternative solution. We host your Autodesk application(s) for you and move them onto our servers which are in our secure cloud-based hosted environment.

By hosting the whole application alongside the server it means the software runs and saves faster as they are both in the same location.

Virtualising your Autodesk application in our environment also gives users the ability to work on-the-go just as effectively as if they were working in the office at their high spec computer. On any device, regardless of its spec, users can load up our hosted environment where they can access the application and its full functionality. With our solution the processing power and graphic capabilities run from our server not the device meaning Autodesk will run effectively on even a Chromebook or a Raspberry PI.

Additionally, moving your Autodesk application into our secure environment brings benefits to your IT infrastructure too. Using our servers takes away the pain points that come with installing, maintaining and updating applications which can take up a lot of IT resource. Virtualisation also removes the need to expensive on-site hardware and physical servers meaning you save money on hardware and your energy costs come down as well.

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