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Hosted Desktops (also known as Desktop as a Service or DaaS) provide your users with a familiar Microsoft Windows environment on a virtual desktop where they can easily and securely access all of their email, files, applications (including 3D visualisation software) and storage.

Accessible on any PC, Mac, laptop, tablet or phone; hosted desktops really do allow you take your office with you everywhere. Ideal for modern workplaces where flexible working is the future. As long as you have a Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G connection you’re good to go!

For a user experience point of view there is no difference between a local desktop or a hosted desktop, the only difference is that the data is stored and accessed via the hosted environment. This means even the oldest device will benefit from fast cloud-based processing power. Hosted Desktops are suitable for companies of any size and they also come with automatic backing up so in the event of an outage you’ll lose no work and can pick up exactly where you left off.

Award-winning Hosted Desktop UK Provider

At Atlas Cloud, we make the process of setting up hosted desktops as simple as possible. Whether you’re looking to change your existing managed IT provider or you’re looking to upgrade your current infrastructure for the first time.We’ve guided many businesses through digital transformation projects, from small accounting businesses to international enterprises. Our expert team are certified and specially trained to help migrate existing infrastructure.


Using enterprise-grade servers in our ISO accredited data centres, a virtual hosted desktop service allows users to access everything they need within one familiar environment. They allow users to access all data, email and applications via any device via one login – no more VPN’s needed to access certain applications. Users will require no training on how to use them as everything is packaged up in a Windows desktop that they’ve always used.

Hosted Desktops are a proven way to improve productivity with users able to resume their session exactly where they left off and also disconnect/shut down in seconds too (perfect for a busy on-the-go work day). Say goodbye to the days of only being able to check work emails at home – now users can take their office with them wherever they are!

They are also a really secure way of working with multi-factor authentications, security patches applied to all users at once – removing the reliance on individual users to perform updates and they can be remotely wiped or locked in the event of a lost device. No data is stored locally on any device accessing a hosted desktop making them much more resilient against cyber-attacks than traditional desktops.

What do I need to get started?

Making the switch from on-site to a hosted desktop is easy. Here at Atlas Cloud, we support the installation and configuration of your hosted desktop, all in the UK. All you need to do is launch the program when you log on, and you will have immediate access to all of the tools and documents you need. There is no need to purchase new hardware. All of the processing power comes from our cloud-based data centres meaning you’ll experience fast performance on even the oldest device, making them a perfect way of extending the life of your existing hardware.

What support will I receive?

Atlas Cloud offers comprehensive support from the very first phone-call. We’ll work with you and provide your users with everything they need to get started. Our support team is comprised of engineers not call handlers so they are able to resolve any issues fast.

Whats the cost of fully managed hosted desktop solutions?

Hosted desktop solutions are as flexible as you need them to be so we build bespoke hosted desktop solutions for each and every client in order to give them a hosted desktop that delivers everything users need in one place. Get in touch to find out more and get a quote today.


We also offer the ability to host desktops on the public cloud should you wish to go down this route. We would set up your hosted desktops on Microsoft Azure which brings with it the following benefits:

Cost savings – only pay for what you use e.g. only pay for core business hours not 24 hours.

Global presence – you can use Azure data centres around the world to experience fast performance wherever your offices are located.

Hosted Desktops bring great savings

Direct Cost 


  • On-premise physical servers can be decommissioned
  • Windows server licenses for on premise servers aren’t needed
  • Support/maintenance of on premise servers not needed, as these can be decommissioned and removed
  • Save on Microsoft office licenses as they are included with DaaS 
  • No longer pay for Citrix licenses needed for remote working
  • Save on leased lines as DaaS works over any internet connection
  • Save on backup software/hardware costs as included with DaaS
  • Cheaper on-site PC replacement. New hardware just requires an internet connection to connect so low cost thin-client devices can be purchased

InDirect Cost savings

  • Less downtime caused by outages to leased line, onsite servers, local PCs/laptops means more productivity and billable hours
  • If hardware fails spend less time setting up new device 
  • Save time dealing with daily user issues as support is built into the cost
  • More flexibility to only pay for what you need so no more under-utilisation of licenses
  • Save on power and air-conditioning costs associated with running on premise hardware/servers

Our Customers

Frequently asked questions


Can I run any application?

As long as it’s Windows compatible, we haven’t found software we can’t run.


Can I use my existing processes?

Yes, our support team can assess your current operation and integrate.

Backup duration

How fast is a hosted desktop?

You’ll notice improved speeds, even using a 1mb/s internet connection.


Can I use my current printer?

Yes, if you print locally you’ll need no configuration. We can assist hosted printed.

Security in the cloud

Where is my data stored?

Your data will be stored on one of our ISO 27001:2013 certified UK data centres.


How secure are your servers?

ISO 27001 certification includes all legal, physical and technical controls involved from a risk management perspective.

Managed Infrastructure

What support can I get?

Comprehensive support is provided and the support team is available 8am-6pm Monday to Friday.

Hosted Desktop

Do I need new hardware?

Our hosted solutions do not require new or high grade hardware, simply use your existing technology.

Pete Watson CEO

Why work with Atlas Cloud?

For businesses that want to explore server hosted desktops and virtual desktop infrastructure, Atlas Cloud offers award-winning hosted desktop support and consultancy on a range of Microsoft, Sage and Citrix products. As one of the leading cloud desktop providers in the UK, our certified Cloud engineers, will ensure you get the best cloud-based solution.

Our IT management team has over 30 years of combined experience in delivering remote access cloud technologies, which is supported by highly available rapid-response local support, so we’re always on-hand to make sure you’re happy with your service.


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