Work seamlessly from anywhere with Remote Hosted Desktop Services from Atlas Cloud

Suitable for businesses of all sizes, remote hosted desktops (also known as cloud desktops) allow you to work securely from any location. You can access to all of your files, apps (including 3D), emails, backups, storage, disaster recovery and business continuity, all from one desktop view that can be accessed online. All of your data and programmes are securely stored and hosted in the cloud, keeping business data safe and allowing your team to work in a standardised way with no disruption to your business.

Make real-time changes to files, from anywhere, at any time

Work from anywhere: on a train, in a meeting, at home or on-site

Collaborate more effectively, in real-time and fewer duplicated files

Available on any device, giving you greater flexibility

Improve efficiency by streamlining work processes and reduce compatibility issues

Share large files and work offline with greater security

Atlas Cloud also has a range of other services to enhance your business flexibility, efficiency and security, including 365 for Business and Disaster Recovery.

The Atlas Cloud team are experienced in delivering cloud hosted desktops to a range of industries. Our solutions are adaptable to all business sizes and requirements, and you can benefit from the following features and functionality:

Common data environment

Version control

3D capability

OPEX based cost structure

All apps, files and data are centralised in a dedicated Common Data Environment, and can be accessed securely by authorised users on any device.

Increase efficiency of work and streamline working processes by working on centralised files, reducing the chance of duplication and errors.

Our solutions support 3D and graphically-intense apps, making them accessible over low bandwidth on low spec end-user devices.

Be able to easily plan and forecast your IT spend thanks to transparent, per-user, per-month pricing, that can adjust as your business grows.

Find out how remote hosted desktops have helped businesses just like yours by reading our case studies, or you can contact us to speak to a member of our award-winning support team, who will be happy to help.