Our objective is to help organisations take control of their IT by having a scalable, secure and accessible solution that also reduces its carbon footprint. Our management team’s combined 30+ years’ experience of delivering remote access cloud technologies internationally is supported by highly available rapid-response local support.

We are “Cloud Enablers”; we are a managed service account with Citrix which provides us with direct commercial and technical support with named representatives. This gives us a powerful insight to their full product range and a fast response from their team.

For businesses that want to explore Citrix and cloud technologies, Atlas offer a consultancy service which is carried out by experienced, Citrix certified engineers.



There are two elements to the Atlas Cloud audit process. Firstly, the business section – getting a full understanding of the challenges the organisation is facing, an understanding of the goals of the organisation and how the IT delivery is contributing to meeting those goals.

Secondly, a technical audit is completed by auditing the entire IT estate. This is done on-site (or offsite if preferred) at the organisation in a workshop format, led by senior consultants working hand-in-hand with nominated representatives of the organisation.

Following that, the audit process would generally take a further 2-3 weeks. This would include contacting application vendors to verify support for their products within a virtual and multi-user environment. This is a key stage as it often highlights if any change of license type is required. Atlas Cloud would expect any existing suppliers to cooperate with the software audit, or to provide asset registers.

We have a standard audit documentation set which has evolved over the six years we have been assessing organisations’ IT estates to advise on their cloud readiness.

Outcomes, options and recommendations

Following the audit phase, a clear understanding of your business’ objectives, IT hardware status and how the application suite is integrated will have been gained. At this point, we can advise on the options available to you which will cover the pros and cons of Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud solutions. Any existing adoption of cloud technologies will be fully considered.

Transition plan

As a conclusion to the report outlining the options available to you, we will provide a recommendation for a cloud adoption policy for the organisation. Our most favoured method of communicating our findings would be in the form of a presentation and open discussion around findings, opportunities and recommendations.