Why cloud computing matters for recruiters

Monday, July 9th, 2018

The cloud has proved to be valuable for recruiting, providing a solution for companies who want complete flexibility in their IT. Not only is productivity enhanced, but recruiters get to be more tactical and engaged. Here are some of the ways cloud computing matters for recruiters:

Speed up the recruitment process

Organisations usually have numerous databases where candidate data is stored and accessed. This can quickly become overwhelming and difficult to manage. By investing in a private cloud solution, you have the ability to bring all of these sources together into one location that tracks and reports only relevant information for every person of interest. This creates a more streamlined process for recruiters and saves a lot of time, effort and error. Cloud computing simplifies data analytics on a much larger scale allowing recruiters to easily access all important and confidential data on mobile devices as and when it’s needed.

Reduce costs

Cloud-based software helps companies save on all costs. In comparison to a traditional IT setup, the installation cost for cloud-based software is considerably smaller than setting up an entire IT infrastructure.

The recruitment sector is populated with start-ups and small companies, and they can appreciate how the cloud removes the barriers to entry. Thanks to the cloud, business owners don’t have to spend a certain percentage of their time playing IT experts. This also applies to the business as a whole since recruiters get to focus on sales rather than IT, making the process more cost-effective.

Easy implementation

Before the introduction of cloud computing when a new member of staff joined an agency it was a time-consuming and costly process. The cloud enables all software, applications and data to be accessed from a secure cloud environment. As a result, setting up new users is at your control with the click of a button. There’s no need to purchase new hardware, software or data storage. Instead the required assets can essentially be rented from a managed service provider.

More flexible and accessible

When it comes to your business, you want the ability to have access to any information whenever it’s needed. Candidates don’t work with the typical 9-5 working hours and want responses to their applications ASAP – whether this is 8 am or 8 pm. Recruiters can meet these demands and keep up with the competition with a hosted desktop solution, as there are no limitations to when or where the environment can be accessed.

Working in the recruitment sector? Request your free hosted desktop demo today to unlock the potential cloud technologies can deliver to your business today.

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